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Ticari Yazılımlar

Accord for Excel: chemical formulas and searches in Excel

Aldrich/ACD Library of FT NMR Spectra Pro: the electronic format of the Aldrich NMR library data

ATSDR's Toxicological Profiles: all final ATSDR toxicological profiles covering the toxicological effects of hazardous substances, chemicals, and compounds

Biofluids Database: a library of fully assigned NMR spectra of biofluids

ChemFinder Ultra 5.0: ChemACX, ChemINDEX, ChemRXN, ChemMSDX

ChemFolder: chemical structure and image databasing in a single integrated package

ChemInfo Pro Web Edition : ChemACX, ChemINDEX, ChemRXN, everything online

ChemInfo Std Web Edition : ChemACX, ChemINDEX, ChemRXN, everything online

ChIM 5.0: chemicals inventory system

CIS Pro: chemicals inventory system

CIS: chemicals inventory system

IR database: ACD/NIST IR databse of over 5000 compounds

LogP DB: database of 11,500 chemical structures with experimental LogP values. Includes structure drawing, prediction capability and user training

Merck Index - CD-ROM : Merck Index Version 12.2

MSDS Digital Filing Cabinet: document imaging application designed specifically for storage and retrieval of MSDS documents

pKa DB: database of over 8500 chemical structures with 23000 experimental pKa values – searchable by structure and substructure through integrated structure drawing interface

Polymer Database: a library of fully assigned NMR spectra of polymers

Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia: state-of-the-art research and advances in the field of polymeric materials science

Properties Of Organic Compounds: Properties of Organic Compounds on CD-ROM of 27,500 of the most commonly used organic compounds

Properties Of Organic Solvents: properties of the most commonly used solvents

SciGlass 3.5: experimental results, as well as property predictions and calculations, to assist you in solving R&D problems in glass science

Spectral Atlas: very large collection of spectral data

TAPP: thermophysical properties of over 17,000 inorganic and organic compound phases

8-Pack of ChemSW Databases: AntiMicrobials, AminoAcids, BrainChemistryCompounds, HerbalPharmalogicalCompounds, Pesticides, Surfactants, Solvents, VitaminNutritions



Asinex: free database with over 120,000 organic substances




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